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The ecosystem in which the technology and talent of the future come to fruition

Mechatronics Innovation Campus Schiedam (MICS) will be the leading hotspot of the mechatronics industry. Within this ecosystem, companies, visitors, educational institutions and governments work together to realise the technology of the future. Cooperation, knowledge transfer and the ready availability of talent combine to create innovative strength at this 42-hectare Campus development.

talent and

The challenge

Lots of companies in this sector are located in traditional business areas, in anonymous environments lacking opportunities for knowledge transfer. The result of this is a national and international disadvantage. Companies struggle when it comes to finding suitable locations and competent staff, and admit to a lack of cooperation.


Leading companies in the manufacturing industry will be welcomed and embraced by this ecosystem to achieve mutual optimisation and innovation.


The solution

MICS meets the ever-fluctuating demands of these companies. This ecosystem will give companies a competitive edge and opens the door to talent through educational institutions, innovation programmes and the creation of a pleasant work environment.

The campus as an ecosystem

Hardware vs software

MICS is more than just a collection of buildings. The true strength of the campus lies in the processes that will take place within these buildings: the ecosystem.


MICS facilitates meetings and cooperation between companies, educational institutions, the government and visitors. This results in innovation powered by the interplay between hardware (the buildings) and software (the processes).


The ecosystem will create an upward spiral that contributes to the structural success of these companies and people more than any traditional location ever could. MICS is a location with excellent opportunities for the establishment of production companies, R&D facilities and educational institutions. The area has a strong focus on knowledge sharing and innovation, not least because of the knowledge centres within the campus, including a university of applied sciences, university programmes and research institutes.

Proximity, talent and cooperation: the driving forces behind innovation
Ready access to the tech talents of the future
Knowledge sharing between companies
An edge thanks to innovation programmes
Future-proof entrepreneurship
An international stage for the mechatronics sector
Where the knowledge of Leiden, TU Delft and the Erasmus University meet

As a part of the SchieDistrict area development project, MICS will be closely connected to its direct surroundings. MICS has a highly advantageous location near the A20, Schiedam Station and Rotterdam The Hague Airport. The proximity of knowledge institutions and practical education facilities will allow clever minds and craftsmanship to join forces.

5 April 2024
Boers & Co moves to the Atlas building on the Mechatronica Innovation Campus Schiedam

With the arrival of Boers & Co, the ecosystem at MICS is further expanding with a leading company in the mechatronica sector. Boers & Co will establish itself in the Atlas building, within the network of innovative companies and educational institutions on the Mechatronica Innovation Campus Schiedam (MICS). SDK Vastgoed and Boers & Co signed the agreement to this end on April 5.

4 March 2024
Break to Innovate

Would you like to reserve an hour to meet entrepreneurs, knowledge institutions and the municipality at the monthly lunch break on Thursday, March 21 from 12 to 1 p.m.? At Boers & Co Precision Solutions, account manager Ward Bingley talks about how the company is working on a strong chain in various ways with other companies, knowledge institutions and the municipality. Learn more about how...

26 February 2024
MICS at ZIE 2024: the knowledge and networking event of South Holland

MICS stimulates knowledge sharing between companies, education and government within the campus ecosystem. Come experience a taste of this at our MICS stand during the ZIE 2024 event, organized by HiDelta and Mikrocentrum. Collaboration, proximity and talent are essential for innovation. On April 4, the Van Nelle Factory will be the meeting place for the ‘New technology for the manufactur...

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